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About OS

"All things exist as inseparable & contradictory opposites."

Society is comprised of people of different cultures, races, genders, sexualities, etc. These differences creates a wholeness in society. Hence, One Society.  WE ARE ONE. 


The yin and yang is an important symbol of our brand. It reflects our belief that two opposite halves mutually form a wholeness. When two energies are appropriately balanced, it flows smoothly maintaining and promoting a good and stable society. 


A Word from the CEO/ Senior Designer

Welcome to One Society, 

I am Jas.

The Senior Designer at One Society, The Brand. LLC. 

Thank you for supporting my baby (OS). I take pride in my brand and love what I do.  Continue to follow OS as we flow through the journey. We will continue to produce quality garments and designs complete stellar customer service.

As always, Remember to "BE YOU, Everyone else is taken."

Jas (JC) Caldwell 

CEO / Senior Designer 

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